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  VZ Gaming Guide - Fantasy Hoops

The idea is to 'slam dunk' the ball into the 'net' before the other player. The net is really a container and the ball is really a token...

1) Players are called down 2 at a time to play
2) Both players stand on markers at opposite sides of the 'court'
3) When the host gives the signal, the players must try and put their token into the container in the middle of the locale
4) The first person to put their token in the container will be the winner of that round
5) Working on a tournament system, the winner of that round will then go on to play the winner of the next round etc etc until there is one player standing: the winner!

Click the container prior to the round, so you can get the "Put into" command up, and ready to be clicked.

How to Host

What you will need:

Plugins: Prize Draw Program
Turf: Required
Items: 1 x 1 Item Only Container
2 x Spray Cans
1 x Token
Assistants: None Required

Setting up:

Place the container in the middle of the locale. Place the two spraycans at opposite sides of the locale, so they are an equal distance away from the container.

Hosting Instructions:

1) Macro the rules
2) Start the prize drawer and get registrations
3) Call down two players to play
4) Give the signal, and the players will put their token into the container. IF they go too early, start the round again
5) Work out the game as a tournament, with round 1's winner playing round 2's and so forth. Award prizes at the end accordingly.




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