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  VZ Gaming Guide - Dress Up

* = Number of players per round

1) Players register to play.
2) * players are called at a time, to play.
3) The players walk to the boxes on the floor.
4) The players must put their heads into their pockets before the game starts.
5) When the host shouts GO! the players must quickly open the boxes and wear each item of clothing in turn, starting with the head.
6) The first player to get dressed and yell DONE! is the winner.
7) The winners from Round 1 play each other in Round 2 and so on, until there is one avatar left. This avatar is the winner.

Type in Done! before the game starts, then press enter as soon as you are dressed.
While dressing, make sure you start with the head (dont misclick and get the accessory instead). Always try to start with the hardest-to-click accessory.

Hosting Guide

What you will need:

Plugins: Name Lister/Raffle
Turf: One Turf Required
Items: Four Boxes, Four Heads, Four sets of different-type accessories
Assistants: None Required

Setting up:

1 Turf Locale, * boxes glued on the floor, equal distances apart. * sets of accessories should be aquired (each set consisting of vendo head, glasses, hat and tie/scarf - do not use rare items). One set of accessories + head should be put into each box.

Hosting Instructions:

1) Set the room to allow *+1 avatars (* players, 1 host)
2) Place 1 head and 1 set of accessories in each box before the game starts. Make sure that all accessories have been removed from each head.
3) Read rules, take registrations and call out * names to play. Ask them to remove their heads.
4) Say Go! to start the game.




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