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  VZ Gaming Guide - Brainstorm


1. ESP the host a $ to register for the game.

2. The list will close at approx. 10 past the hour.

3. Each round SIX people will be called down and there will be 4 rounds of six people in total.

4. The six people chosen will play Brainstorm against each other.

The Game

1. The host will give you a number, which will mean the number of letters in the word..

2. Then he will give you the FIRST and LAST letters of that word.

3. You have to say outloud as soon as you can think of a word that fits the criteria. The first player to do so will get one point.

For Example :


First is R, Last is E
R _ _ _ _ E

An answer could be RESCUE

4. The host will know lots of words but he is NOT a dictionary and all words must be found at www.dictionary.com so if any words are disputed please wait a minute for the host to check them at the site.

5. All ground players MUST be blocking ESP's and ESP Mail to make it fair so they can't get help from others. The host will check this at any time during the game and if an ESP/ESP Mail goes through to a player on the ground then that player will be disqualified with no chances.

6. The winners will be the first two people that get to 5 points and those two will get prizes.




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