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  VZ Gaming Guide - Acromania


Acromania is a word game where you esp the answer to the host.

You don't have to register for Acromania.

A cluster of letters will be announced (e.g. HDYB)

Players esp to the host, a phrase of words starting with the given letters, in sequence.

For example, if the host announces "AUS" you could send "Avatars Under Siege" as your phrase.

The program cannot always take phrases that come in just after the buzzer - so make sure you get them in quickly!

Don't forget to check your spelling and spacing - the program only accepts phrases that begin with the given letters, correctly spaced.


After the timer runs out, the host will run a list of all the submitted phrases.

You then vote for the phrase you like the best by esping the number that appears beside it.

In order to receive points when people vote for your phrase you MUST VOTE.

You may submit more than one vote each round, but ONLY the last one counts.

Players cannot vote for their own phrases.

Every vote you receive will add a point to your score.

The top scoring players at the end of the game will win a prize.

Additional Rules

PG13: You are not allowed to use inappropriate language
Multi-Phrase: You are allowed to submit multiple phrases
Add-ons: You are allowed to use additions (eg: Avatars_Running Under Siege)
Gestures: You are allowed to use gestures




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