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What's In A Name is a word game in which you have to create words from the letters that are in a given name of a person, place or thing. The host gives a proper name of a person, place or thing. Players then create and ESP words (one at a time) to the host, using letters in the given name.

Players can create as many words as they want (from 2 - 8 letters in length) within the time alloted.

Words must be created from the letters in the given name. For example, if the name is Mark Smith then the words star and ark would be valid but the word myth would not because there is no "y" in the given name.

Words cannot contain hypens or an apostrophe, and can not be a proper name except were a it is also a normal word. Proper names are not acceptable such as Todd, but names that are also words are accepted, such as sue.

Submitted words can not be the same as the given name. For example mark would not be a valid entry as it is a given word in the name Mark Smith.

Words are scored based on the number of letters used.
2 letter words = 1 points
3 or 4 letter words = 2 points
5 or 6 letter words = 3 points
7 or 8 letter words = 4 points




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