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VZones Network...

...is now a resource site only. VZones is now closed, but the existing information will always be availiable to you.
ATTENTION: VZones continues to live on as it's spiritual successor, Metropolis.

Here are some of the site's biggest features:

Interactive Tours - Travel back in time and explore 19 different sets of locales from VZones' history, including Hotel Silicon and the Korean world "Glass City"!

History of VZones - A comprehensive history of VZones from Habitat to Second Kingdom.

Gallery Archives - The most complete gallery of Worldsaway/VZones pictures ever collected! Everything from key moments in history to pics of never-before-seen locales and artwork!

VZQuest (VZ RPG) Release

VZQuest, VZones' very own RPG software has been officially released to the public.
Those who are familiar with games such as Final Fantasy or Pokemon should check this out, as it integrates an RPG (role playing game) battle system into any VZones world.

The VZQuest Teamstrike Hoster was developed back in 2002 by Metal Edd, and was originally distributed only to select members of the public. Now anyone can download it from this website.
This is without a doubt the most comprehensive plugin ever built for VZones, with a fully integrated battle system and over 12,000 lines of code which took over a year to build!

- Download VZQuest Hoster 4.0
- Download VZQuest Game Card 3.8

- VZQuest FAQ by Snow Wolf


VZones Network was designed by Edd Coates (Metal Edd).

VZN was a popular VZones news site which ran from 1997 to 2003 and was well known for its extensive collection of multimedia, as well as it's 'underground' tendencies.

Click HERE to read about the History of VZones Network!


Come see what i'm upto these days! - Edd

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